Our Partners

Global Logistics General Trading & Contracting Company (W.L.L) offers innovative and economical solutions to meet with clients' needs on projects of all sizes and micro special design projects. Global Logistics General Trading & Contracting Company (W.L.L)  core business relies on the exceptional services and products that are offered to its clients and customers.

Most of our partners in operations are qualified and approved by main government agencies in Kuwait, which gives us the upper hand in bidding process in any project related to their area of expertise. Our partners offer competitive prices and superior quality compared to other competitors, even though in most cases our partners either have few competitors or solely are the only provider available in Kuwait for such products and services. They have succesfully completed many projects with total satisfaction from our clients, build up a good reputation, and created sustainable competitive advantages over other players in the market.

Cerpelli Pompe

Cerpelli is dedicated in production regarding pumps and specialized in viscuous fluids and special services.Their newest product include twin screws pumps with internal or external bearing which has a reliability of over 20 years. Cerpelli is a qualified company in Kuwait with a history of projects with KNPC and the Ministry of Electricity and Water. →

LIN SCAN Advanced Pipeline & Tank Services

LIN SCAN is the only Middle East based company providing a wide range of high level pipeline integrity services as well as cultural and professional understanding for local market needs. The ambitions of LIN SCAN as an international company are constantly growing resulting in the rapid expansion of its activities overstepping borders of The Middle East and entering markets of India, Africa and Europe. →

German Cathodic Protection

GCP is one of the world's leading specialists in the field of Cathodic Corrosion Protection delivering innovative solutions for all Cathodic Protection situations, supplying the Client with high quality products and providing state-of-the-art materials and engineering services. →


MAGICROT is a Service - Provider Company for the Oil / Gas, Power Generation and Industrial Sectors.
MAGICROT's business model is a combination of the best worldwide service technologies that are performed by MAGICROT itself, and partnerships with state-of-the-art service technologies, originating from all over the world. This has allowed MAGICROT to deliver the leading services for customers worldwide.
MAGICROT's Hydrocarbon / Industrial Cleaning and Inspection Services, are performed either during operation-time or during shutdown time, to give the clients more efficiency and less operational costs.
The list of our services is presented below and is being added with new ones all the time:
→ Hydro Mechanical Decoking of the Fired Heaters Coil-tubes with Soft core Scrapper technology;
→ Plant Chemical Decontamination with removal Pyrophorics, Benzene, H2S, LEL
→ Fired Heaters and Boilers Fireside tubes chemical cleaning on-line
→ Air Coolers Fin Fan Cleaning Online
→ Hydro Jetting cleaning of the heat-exchangers, transfer lines, vessels, soakers, reactors, etc.
→ Column gamma-scanning online
→ Coker Drum Inspection
→ UT inspection of the Fired Heaters coil-tubes 
→ Steam Reformer tubes inspection


CLIMAX is a pioneered portable machining technology, with over 50 years of experience. The company has kept their promise to our customers, by delivering the industry′s best tools, technology, training, and service. With over 75 standard products and services, every day customer′s call upon CLIMAX for robust and reliable equipment designed to tackle any on-site machining project or application.Technicians with the most mission-critical, tightest-tolerance machining tasks come to us for the tools and solutions to achieve the highest levels of efficiency and profitability. Many of the largest companies on earth rely on CLIMAX to solve the most complicated and challenging machining jobs. When success is non-negotiable, let CLIMAX be your partner of choice.
We′re #1 for a reason. →

AEC Technologies

AEC TECHNOLOGY is a leader in the market of equipment and accessories for heat treatment and stress relieving on weldings. In 1973, AEC Elettronica Industriale patented the equipment called "THERMOCONTROL" for the execution of thermal treatments extra furnace of preheat, post heat and stress relieving of the soldered joints with the resistance method. AEC TECHNOLOGY has always been engaged in the management of a total quality and the achievement of the certificate ISO 9001:2008 represents a new starting point, a new incentive for a continuous improvement of services and supplied products in order to reach a complete customer satisfaction, and yet AEC became part of ITW, which has enlarged and maximized the ability of providing the best service and customer support. →

Global Logistics General Trading & Contracting Company (W.L.L) represents several reputed manufacturers from all over the world to cover several areas in Oil, Gas and Energy sectors. Our main objective is to ensure through our trading department the quality of the products, sharp delivery times, and after-sales support. Our supplies cover the following ranges (Steel Structure, Thermal Spray Aluminum, Steel Abrasive, Valves, Chemicals, Heavy Equipment, etc.)